Saturday, February 21, 2015

Still hibernating

What is it that travel agents know that I don't? How can they so specifically and accurately know that by the third week of February I am d.o.n.e. with winter? I liked it, it was nice, we tobogganed, we did snow angels, watched the snow fall and hibernated together. Now what? I guess I'm supposed to just keep on winter-ing because it is still blustering snowflakes. Never mind all the Facebook posts of beaches, or my garden plans all arranged in my notebook. There's till winter to be ... enjoyed, I guess is the word?

I am a little tired of winter, but the girls don't yet know about the properties of seasonal effectiveness, so we carry on. We're doing books, forts, painting, stickers, hide-and-go-seek, find things summer has hidden, change clothes for fun and go outside until someone cries about the cold. All fun things for the under-ten crowd. 

In this continued hibernation, though, I have found a nice pocket of creativity. I am writing some good story notes for my northern adventure piece, feeling more inspired with home decor stuff, reading more quality reads (I have just found David Sedaris. How have I just found him?), making some good food to warm us, and doing some quality work on my 'be calm' practice during my days home with the girls. 

Some days, this takes a lot more creativity than others.

Our winter toy: box!
I have also been trying to do more things with each girl on her own, because being cooped up in the house all the time forever winter makes us get on each other's nerves. We aren't at our best, but a little attention goes a long way with the young ladies. Abby and I took a date to Chapter's this morning to pick up some books with her birthday gift card. We stay and talked about our book selections and sipped kid-sized white hot chocolates. A real treat! Now we're home again, she's acting more like herself, and we're all huddled around our new copy of Where's the Poop?

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