Wednesday, February 4, 2015

February Snow Days

A week of cold-cold-cold, with not much extra cash lying around to take the cooped-up girls to indoor play places (remember summertime? and parks? Sigh). I feel pretty maxed-out on my indoor play and activity ideas. Did you know my coffee table doubles as a six-way tunnel system jungle gym? It does!

We've had visits with friends, baked up a storm (bread, brownies and make-ahead meals in the freezer, yay!), done some Valentine's Day prep, watched lots of TV and movies, and gone to bed early as needed, going with this hibernation motif. 

No mid-winter vacation for us, but lucky me- I do get to fly away for a week! By myself! A change of scenery for Rich, from work to home with his crazy girls, playing mama bear (but Daddy-style, of course). I will be flying to a colder place entirely, to tackle my biggest freelancing assignment to date. I'll be covering this totally insane race called the Yukon Arctic Ultra for Explore magazine's winter issue. I'm bringing my beaver mitts, coyote-fur trimmed goose down parka, and some wool, hoping that if I layer myself in as many animals as possible, I may keep warm as I take notes on some amazing athletes. Bonus-- Johanna is along for the ride too, as the photographer for the piece! Stay tuned for some trail adventure stories!

Oooh! A box! Let's paint it!

Meanwhile, another snowfall is making my neighbourhood a picturesque snow globe, and the temperatures are easing up a bit. We can get outside again, yay! I don't know if we'll make it to Winterlude this year, because frankly, keeping the younger three from running off in different directions in large crowds, downtown, during winter, is a feat I don't think I'm equipped to handle.

We'll have to make our own winter fun! Beavertails? Pssht. My girls prefer to eat snow.


  1. Wow, congratulations on getting to cover the Arctic Ultra! That's awesome :)

  2. I am beyond excited my dear friend...
    and yes to Beavertails! We used to make them at home ... you can totally make fried dough!


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