Thursday, January 1, 2015

Work to do

Make no qualms about it, I have fully embraced my inner hippie and her journey. This latest edition of new year's celebrations included a meditation to reflect on and set my intentions, a ritualistic burning of what I was to discard in sacred flame, a new year's day 90-minute yoga sesh, much tea, and a candle wish ceremony with family. In case you're interested, I resolve to yell less, make angry feelings my own and not take them out on others, and work on keeping my ego out of the equation. In case you want to know how that has played out so far, I set the smoke alarm off as I burned my paper of discarded behaviours into a candle and promptly yelled, "Dammit Rich, I thought you were going to switch this smoke detector for the new one ages ago!" So ... the work begins now.

The girls and I bundled up and drove down to one of our favourite spots for a nature walk early this morning. We reflected on how this season leaves so little life in the landscape, but we did find some live mosses. We climbed rocks to a lookout point (Summer too!) and appreciated the fantastic beauty of a frozen river: sheets of ice piled where the water breaks, like waves frozen mid-crash. Summer made a break for open water only once, and the girls were fascinated by watching men ice fishing. It was a short trek in the cold, whipping winds but it was my favourite part of my day, the first of the new year.

We discovered a set of kid yoga videos on Youtube, so we tried one out, and all got caught up in the nice British lady's story and movements. I am, naturally, super pumped about incorporating more vids into our days. Raising little yogis makes me so, so excited. I love the hope and optimism of January 1, this year and each. I love the freedom it gives me to start conversations with, "So, I'm trying this new thing where ... ", knowing my resolution is a little less hokey because it is made today.  Even if those resolutions involve mantras, downward facing dogs and pranayama breath exercises.

Lighting the New Year's Eve fire

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