Sunday, January 11, 2015

Outside, January Edition

 We came, we saw, we conquered (the toboggan hill).

A sunny morning of -15, a selection of sleds gifted at Christmas yet unridden, a hill beside the house promising a warm retreat afterwards. 

Summer delighted in scooching down the hill on her bum, at her own speed. Robin liked to ride flat on her belly, lay down her head and pretend to sleep all the way down. Hailey preferred to go tandem. Abby didn't want to stop, but didn't complain either when it time came to retire for hot chocolate. Skylar kept eating snow and then got shivers and had to go home early (wimp!).

Thanks for the sweet tobogganing morning, nature. Time to go toss our hats, mitts, jackets and pants in the dryer.


  1. Ah, the eternal mystery: why on earth do dogs gobble up so much snow?

  2. you guys make a gorgeous family :) GREAT SMILES! xox


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