Saturday, January 24, 2015

Out of Our Hands

We walked into the woods, a temperate Saturday morning that could not be wasted. By foot and by sled, we trudged deeper in, looking for a good spot to stop.

We brought bird seed with us in the sled, because there is a special place we know where chickadees will come and eat out of our hands, as though we are cartoon Disney princesses come to life. Hailey and Robin weren't really into holding seeds in their hands for more than a fleeting moment, because they became cold. Abby had one land on her hand, surprise her, and then she was frightened and dropped her seeds and didn't want to try again. Summer played a game where she fell into the snow and waited to see who would come get her. I delightedly held out my hand all morning, giddy each time a bird landed.

The girls were super into it, as was I. We even put some seed on Robin's hat, and those brave birds just flew right onto her head to snack. She thought it was hilarious. I wasn't as nervous about it as I perhaps should have been.

From here on out, winter can kind of suck, if you let it. There are many months of it left, and the newness of snow has worn off. So, we look for ways to keep it interesting. Getting the girls dressed and outside takes a bit more cajoling on my part, but promises of fun and a snack usually do the trick. Still to come: outdoor skating, Winterlude, snow picnics, snowshoeing and more tobogganing. Go winter!


  1. ove Love Winter .......and everything about it except ice storms. Love walking daily, feeding the chickadees, giving thanks to God and Life for such amazing natural beauty, silence and Peace. I love allowing my thoughts to travel to my sweet little ones in the beautiful Great White North ...... Wish they were with me to feed the birdies too ..... Thank you for sharing!


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