Tuesday, January 20, 2015


A funny thing happened when I dropped everything off my radar: I felt a need to fill it with more important, satisfying things, and fewer pithy, annoying things (like errands, pssht). I began noticing on my walks that instead of enjoying some sacred quiet space, my mind was already more at ease to begin with, and so it began to get creative. Story ideas came to mind, I observed beautiful scenes and spontaneously put poems to them in my head.

I am one to believe that everyone is an artist, capable of beautiful expression. How it manifests is different, but you know the feeling: you get excited, your mind starts leaping to new ideas, new solutions and new possibilities. I have always been told I am an artist, since I was quite young; it is not difficult for me to tap into that part of myself. This awareness made me begin to call myself a writer in elementary school, and I have pursued this. I write to identify beauty, to connect with people, to process difficulties and to give unity through written voice. I feel like it is important, as both a part of how I identify myself, and in honouring my role in the world. I write.

Lately, I have been channeling a new wave of creativity that has really made me feel alive. I am writing things of which I am really proud. I am creating solutions and achieving new personal levels of growth. I am not sure from where this all stems, but I am going for it. It is a truly rock star feeling, even if only to my reflection in the bathroom mirror at day's end. 

I learned my mentor is releasing a book she has been writing about tapping into creativity this September, and I am truly stoked. In the meantime, I will keep delving into my worn copy of The Artist's Way and other works that inspire me.

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