Sunday, January 4, 2015


January, so far, has meant babies. I know of nine people expecting this month, and by tonight's full moon, the count is already at three babies born! I love seeing my best friends have babies; watching them grow as mamas is such a special treat for me. I count my lucky stars whenever I get the chance to cuddle the world's newest people, so I usually sneak in with a hot meal for the new mama and make a beeline for the baby. Yesterday I held a baby who was one day old! He made cute kitten noises, had no idea what to do with his hands, looks just like his daddy and was light as a feather in my arms. 

Tomorrow Abby is back to school, which means we have to put an end to our late nights and sleeping in. Wah-wah. It also means our days will begin with breakfast, get dressed and everyone in snowsuits and onto the sled for the walk to school. This is good because we are out in the fresh air, I get a workout, and the girls can play in the snow when we return home. Getting four girls into snowsuits independently is a work in progress, though, so I am making it my mission to make it through the week not losing it on any kids who tell me they need to pee after they get fully suited up.

I received some sad news today that one of our favourite northern families is going through a rough time. It has hit home with me, and I immediately felt a need to notice and tally all of the little things that gave me pause to feel grateful: feetie pyjamas, toddler kisses, story time, warm suppers, good chats with friends, warm drinks Rich braved a snowstorm to fetch for our movie date night, a good book, fresh bread, earlobe massages (try them! they're great!). If you feel so inclined, I can direct you to a fundraising page for this family, as they can use help to navigate this cancer journey over the next few months: Arms Around the Morin Family. They are good people, and I still model my parenting after them to this day.

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  1. Thought of you when I heard about the Morins. Ugh.... let's pray that they get through this all the more stronger and healthier.
    xox Love you


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