Sunday, December 21, 2014

The Longest Night

Checked off our list: 
- Watched Christmas Vacation, Home Alone and Rudolph
- Baked peppermint fudge, butterscotch marshmallow squares and shortbread
- Hosted annual girls' Christmas dinner
- Wrapped gifts with girls' homemade wrapping paper (aka their painting I re-purposed as wrapping accoutrements)
- Took crying pictures with Santa
- Taught Summer to "Ho-ho-ho"
- Packaged and delivered Christmas hamper to food bank
- Mailed Santa letter
- Wrote and sent Christmas cards

Things are moving along nicely, but not without a few moments. I had to check myself for necessary holiday-related anxiety about the cleanliness levels of my house. When it came to scrub floor versus go to sleep after putting in a 16-hour day, zzz's won. It's silly, really how busy things can get when I stop being mindful for a day or two. 

Today I celebrate the winter solstice. This time last year, things really came to a head for me: I lost some of who I had become, there wasn't much peace, I was letting my anger win out in a sleep-deprive landscape after a year of big changes. I reflected on how dark I felt in this post, and am glad that this year I can accept the quiet and the darkness of the solstice as par for the course. I am purposefully slowing down and scaling back, knowing how important it is to just rest and hibernate with my busy little ladies. I notice them sleeping more, asking to watch movies and snack more often. I honour their requests, and balance it with time outside, letting our cheeks become rosy, our breath trail off as exhaust in the air. 

Downton Abbey Christmas dinner posing
We joined Rich's family at Calabogie for a weekend of winter fun and family togetherness. We took a nice country drive through trees frosted over with ice crystals, right to the tips. We went swimming indoors, and played out in the snow until our noses were running. Hailey learned the hard way what happens when you lick a pole in winter, and the girls opened their gifts from their grandparents. We also took full advantage of the giant soaker tub, fitting five ladies into a growing pile of bubbles in the warm water jets.

Now, I will begin the longest night of the year by heating up a glass of apple cider to sip while I write a little, and then do some slow, deep yin yoga by the glow of the Christmas tree. Namaste.

My view in savasana.


  1. to me winter solstice will always remind me of you. Love this post as I struggle to find some quiet inner balance and calm.

    1. I'll send you some peace vibes during my meditation tonight!


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