Thursday, December 11, 2014

Snapshot: Snowstorm

We are one day into official winter, as my kids know it. Snow has blown in during a blizzard, marking the visual transition from late fall to early winter. I don't really like winter, if I'm being totally frank, but I can get into the excitement of an entirely new landscape covered in snow. The novelty inspires me to do very Yukon things. Like pull Abby to school in a sled over snow drifts, while wearing snow shoes. She thought it was the most hilarious walk to school ever.

I also learned to use the snow blower, since Rich is still recovering. It was fun watching him grimace as I left uneven snow layers in my wake. We built a roaring fire while the snow fell yesterday, but instead of Silent Night and Let it Snow, it was a more chaotic scene with smoke alarms ringing, cranky twins walking into wall corners, and Abby trying to negotiate whether she would have to eat her awful dinner of meatloaf and spaghetti squash. 

That's the snapshot right now: a little December disarray set against the sound of Christmas carols on Songza, smoke alarms, and crying. Or, you can shift your gaze to the tableaux I prefer to remember from the first snowstorm of the season: Cuddles on the couch, wrapped in wool blankets, using Skylar and Daddy for warmth, watching a Christmas movie before dinnertime, fire crackling, and everyone caught in a rare moment of peaceful quiet, little inhales and exhales around the room.

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