Thursday, November 6, 2014

Put your back into it

Sometimes, when you pay attention, you can hear the universe laughing at you. As in, "Oh? You made life plans? You call yourself flexible? Well, let's just see." I've had this happen a lot, and when the sting wears off, I usually agree with how infinitesimally small I am and soldier onward. 

This week, the universe laughed in a ha-ha kind of way. I recently finished working on a story about the prevalence of spinal injuries among parents, how carrying, hoisting and lifting children improperly leaves us vulnerable to slipped discs, muscle strain, sore necks, a whole bevy of ailments. I took notes during my interviews, eagerly amassing all of this free information from field experts. I vowed to sit straighter, lift from my knees, et cetera et cetera. Fast forward to yesterday and not 20 minutes into the morning did I lift Summer improperly, and my whole left side seized up. 

I have been heat padding, doing gentle yoga, moving carefully and popping anti-inflammatories. Massage tomorrow night with the best massage therapist ever who squeezed me in, doctor's appointment this morning with three toddlers in tow. I couldn't bear to wear Summer on my back during the walk to and from school, so I let her walk to the beat of her own drum, so to speak. She loves the freedom. 

The doctor suggested I rest my back until the spasms stop, and promptly laughed at her own advice, seeing the tornado of toddler tearing around her office that would be coming home with me. I am moving a little like a pregnant lady, but already feel better with some heat, stretching and Advil. Maybe I should take the doc up on her advice, and run away to a beach for a week though, without the kids, just to be on the safe side. 


  1. one better then advil ever could and I use it when the pain is just not Anaprox strong. Rest up the best you can, I feel you on the back pain

  2. Thank you bloggy friends :) I picked up my Rx for Naproxen tonight, and will then watch my prescript dose of Parenthood.


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