Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Nimans go Nassau

Yesterday, the Mister and I celebrated our seventh wedding anniversary quite epically: We began the day with waffles, omelets and fresh fruits, moseyed on over to the Caribbean waters for a dip, dried off under the sun while we read, boarded a bus driven by an ad-hoc philosopher and marriage counsellor, snorkeled a coral reef and a shipwreck, got all dolled up for a romantic dinner and ate cake brought to our room. It was one for the books.

With the help of our fearless parents rotating through our household minding the girls, we have been able to run away together, just Rich and I. I miss them, sometimes a lot, but I am so happy to be here. I am perpetually grateful, present, appreciative and pleased. The days are slow, but are going by quickly. I have been fitting in yoga and meditation practice on my own, and am on a continuous, week-long date with my love. I commonly forget which day it is, rarely have any idea what time it is, and have no obligations: someone makes my food, cleans my room, and is ready to answer to my every need. It is a true vacation.

We have seen some amazing things, had great talks, learned a lot, and have returned to a place where we need only consider each other. And that's good practice. Often in our lives at home, we come as afterthoughts. We are the foundation, the alpha, the beginning from whence everything else flows. Stripped down to its essence, I am seeing our relationship through fresh eyes as we go forward together into the next phase.

We waded into the sea in front of our hotel this morning and saw two sea turtles, bobbing about, curious as to what we were doing today. They were so close, I could have touched them. The staff here told me it is quite rare to see them come in so close to shore when they are not preparing to lay eggs (they are not this time of year). I am taking this as a sign to remind me how very blessed I am, and to be open to seeing the beauty that's all around me, as long as I look for it.


  1. EEEKKKK!!!! How awesome!! Enjoy the time together!! :)

  2. well deserved! gave a wonderful vacation!

  3. This makes me so happy to read.
    I'm so thrilled for you both- well deserved!
    And yes, it is so important to put back into the relationship that started it all.


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