Sunday, November 2, 2014

Freaky Friday

I helped out in Abby's class Friday afternoon for their Halloween party, kicking off the spooky holiday. It was borderline Lord of the Flies. Hordes of kindergartners hopped up on sugar, the end of the week, dancing, singing karaoke to Let it Go, offending each other with smears of boogies wiped on shirts. It was crazy town. It was also a super funny way to rev up to trick-or-treating, and be thankful I only have four kids, and not 27.

Abby owned Halloween this year. She took command of her costume (zombie princess) and discussed what things would and would not scare her well in advance of trick-or-treating. I loved seeing her process the scary parts of Halloween and decide for herself what she could handle.

Hailey went as the Paperbag Princess, with Robin as her dragon. They loved wearing costumes, and following their big sister from house to house. I loved watching their faces, seeing them connect the dots that yes, they were getting candy and yes, it was theirs. They didn't last long, and we all went home and enjoyed a candy free-for-all, a major departure from our typically healthy eating style. 

Summer wore our Nemo costume, and surprised me by being really into trick-or-treating as well. She got it, and enjoyed hamming up the cuteness for the neighbours. That kid knows how to make people eat out of the palm of her hand. 

Rich and I went as Forrest Gump and Jenny. We watched the movie together a few days before and made a cute little date night of it. I ordered him a Bubba Gump shrimp hat from eBay and borrowed a superb dress and flower crown from my friend Simone's mom. We had so much fun at a killer Halloween party (pun intended) that was way beyond any I've ever attended before. 

I'm kind of glad Halloween is over, because while it is a super fun holiday that I love seeing my kids get way into, it's also kind of an empty holiday, you know? There is no goodness to it, no life lessons (other than don't eat all your treats in one night) and no real moral foundation to it. We had some talks about fear and how to handle scary things, but that's about the depth of it. Today, we took down our spooky decor, did some winterizing out back and returned to our regular scheduled programming.

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