Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Approaching limits

Operation: Back Strengthening is a go. I confronted the truth that I have not been challenging myself much in my yoga practice, so now I am working on really working those shoulder and back muscles. I set some goals, like performing arm balances and leaning into the hard stuff. My body's done some pretty amazing things, so maybe now it's time I enact a long-term maintenance plan in return. As with anything, I keep my yoga practice respectful of my limits, I just think now is a good time to approach and test those limits rather than shy from them. In case you were interested.

I like to laugh at myself, and I am well aware that I am gliding nicely towards the stereotype of the 30-ish white middle class woman who does yoga. It really means something to me, though, my practice. Beyond the benefits of it being a convenient at-home workout that tones and strengthens gently, it has become more for me. It has become a foundation for self-acceptance and self-love, for peace and calm, for finding the divine within myself and then seeing it everywhere else. 

I have been feeling pretty introspective, if that hasn't been clear. Quiet around this blog space, not picking up my camera as often. Slowing down my schedule, listening more. So that's where things lie with me right now. They are quiet, as I test my body's strength, listen to my inner voice, and find the answer to the question, 'what's next?"

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