Monday, October 20, 2014

The Great Grilled Cheese Party of 2014

We were talking about our last meals, my friends and I, and what we would carefully select. Thanksgiving supper was popular, as was farmer's breakfast (eggs, hash browns, meat and toast). Me? I'd take a pile of grilled cheese sandwiches and some tomato soup. I'm not on death row, thankfully, so on the occasion of celebrating my birth this past weekend, my friends came over for a monumental feast: An event henceforth knows as Grilled Cheese Party 2014.

Gourmet grilled cheese shops and food trucks have been popping up in most major cities, and pinterest is full of recipes that leave me salivating for days afterwards. I am all about making dreams come true, so rather than have a party outside of a food truck on a cold October night while I paid a babysitter, we brought the party into our house. Each invitee was asked to bring prepared ingredients to make six sandwiches. The response to my invitation was immediate and enthusiastic.

I don't think anyone was able to try each type of sandwich, there were so many varieties. My favourite was Kaylee's Swiss-gouda, avocado and Sriracha sauce grilled cheese. My contribution was strawberries, goat cheese, fresh basil and red pepper jelly grilled cheese. There were other delicious concoctions featuring brie, prosciutto, tomatoes, pears, one with homemade macaroni, cream cheese, oh nom nom nom it was a grilled cheese lover's paradise. I couldn't give the leftovers away at the end of the night, everyone was so full. But now, a few days later, I already miss Grilled Cheese Party 2014 and want another one.

So, what do you need to recreate this genius yourself? We had two griddles going at a time. Each held six sandwiches, so while some friends prepared their creations on the counter tops, others were grilling sandwiches before bringing them to the dining table in a swift carousel of dairy goodness. We  had everyone bring their own bread, as some sandwiches required specific types, but we had room temperature butter at the ready by party time. Between 25 (ish) of us, we went through three sticks of butter. Other than that, all you need are plates, flippers, napkins, wine, beer and the best of friends. Lucky me, I had all of those things on-hand!

I smiled so hard it hurt, ate so much grilled cheese I was ready to explode, did the splits after drinking lots of wine, and hugged all of my friends in one epic night. Lucky, lucky me. 

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