Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Loving the Long Weekend

For four glorious mornings, I woke up slowly, lazily, whenever the first of the kid squawks sounded from down the hall. Thanksgiving long weekend. Alleluia. Can I just say how amazing it is to live in a time and country where a whole national holiday exists that is dedicated solely to gratitude? I can think of no better remedy for any of life's bummers than practicing gratitude. Even in small doses, reframing an issue to include that for which we are grateful can help transform a problem. This weekend, I was most immediately thankful for slow mornings without time lines.

Around our dining table at Thanksgiving dinner, Abby told us she was most thankful for her family. Bless her. I could also see how thrilled she was to be allowed to wear her new "clip clop" shoes for dinner. 

Hailey told us she was thankful for her fork. 

I took some time to really be thankful for Hailey and Robin this weekend. So often, I am preoccupied with settling their quarrels and cleaning their messes that I forget to sit and watch them be little miracles. They are. I forget how they transformed me when they were born, how they gave me patience and renewed hope. It easy for me to cherish time with Summer, my last baby, and to experience all my parenting firsts with Abby, which require my careful thought. Hailey and Robin at two years old play with each other all the time and, consequently, often get forgotten. I admit, I take their health, good behaviour and presence for granted sometimes. When I am up to my eyeballs in tasks, I forget to stop and see them as they are. 

We took things slow this weekend, and still managed to get a lot done, together. We painted our master bedroom, baked desserts, buns and side dishes for Thanksgiving dinners, visited the in-laws' cottage, and took many walks in unseasonably warm weather. In fact, the older girls and I found a new trail that circles an inlet, a beaver dam and several climbing trees. I can't wait to return this week, so we can enjoy the autumn season in all its colourful beauty. 

Calling frogs
I made time to finish off an article due today, meet with my cross-country best friend for a late night tea, go for a run, hike with Rich (by ourselves!), watch SNL and listen to some new podcasts while I painted and taped our bedroom. There was an excellent balance of Me Time, Family Time and Outdoor Time. For those things, I feel immense gratitude.

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