Wednesday, October 1, 2014


Outside my window … I hear dried leaves flowing down the street.

I am thinking … I have to hammer this post out so I can make time for a quick half hour of yoga before bed. And I hope that row of Pepperidge Farms Monaco cookies I just ate doesn't do funny things to my digestive system whilst I am yoga-ing. 

I am thankful … that I remembered to get cookies while grocery shopping. Otherwise, it such a bummer to come home from getting groceries with no yummy treats for mama.

I am wearing … a vintage T-shirt, my fave jeans

I am creating … a daily writing plan. I am getting serious about my writing, but this means different things on different days. Some days I want to write free-flow style. Other days I want to tackle more meat in my short stories. Sometimes I have deadlines for freelance stories that I need to write, do interviews for or do background research.

I am going … to take Robin on a special mama-Robin date this weekend.

I am wondering … how our applesauce will turn out tomorrow. Trying a new process whereby we keep the peels on, blend them up nice in my super-blender, then cook the mush with cinnamon and lemon juice before we can it.  

I am reading … Dr. Laura’s “In Praise of Stay-At-Home Moms.” I admit I am usually a fan of hers, as polarizing as her views can be. The last few weeks have been long and exhausting, so I opened this old book in search of some encouragement.

I am hoping … that we make the right choices for our family this month. Rich and I are entertaining some new ideas of how to balance our budget and make our earnings go furthest, but that usually involves a bit of risk, a bit of testing new ideas, and those two things frighten me more than they should. (I’m working on that!)

I am learning … that what I am doing every day is good enough, and that all the rest is just the cherry on top.

Around the house … it smells like a mix of campfire and homemade buns.

In the kitchen … I am waging war on fruit flies. They are worse this year than I’ve ever seen.

I am pondering … when to close the pool for the season.

A favorite quote for today: “Just do right.” –Maya Angelou. When I ask myself, “What is the right thing to do?” my heart almost always knows the answer. It’s simple, but it makes me feel a whole lot more honest and genuine about decisions I make.

One of my favorite things … well, other than those cookies, (which don’t exist any more because I ate them), my favourite thing right now is my tinted Burt’s Bees lip gloss. I swear, it takes me from zombie-looking and anemic to radiant and sexy.

A few plans for the week … make applesauce, bake banana bread, get a good distance run in, order in more books at the library, send invoices out and have some more quiet time to myself.

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