Thursday, September 11, 2014

Your own curiosity

I know I may be going a bit overboard in my fandom of Elizabeth Gilbert, but I cannot apologize for the resonance I feel in her shared wisdom. I just feel a pull on a thread, the other end of which much attach to her pen. I have found particular wisdom and encouragement from her in application to my writing, and what the craft means to me. She explains very well the reasons it is not just a hobby or interest, but a spiritual practice. I often don't know what I feel about a certain issue until I write about it, privately in my journals or publicly in this space.

She is travelling with Oprah on a speaking tour, and shared a video this week that inspired me. She talks about how difficult it is to follow one's passion, when it is unclear what that passion is. I know so many people in my generation who are bred to follow their dreams, without really giving us permission to not know what those are. You don't need to backpack Europe after university to find yourself. You also don't need to travel around the world after a divorce in order to be whole again (though it worked for Liz).

I know my passion is writing, but aside from that practice, I have wondered before what to write about, what to chase, and into what should I invest my time. The answer isn't to get hung up on what our passions might be, but, simply, what piques our curiosity.

Each day, each hour, that could be something different. It could lead nowhere, it could lead exactly where you need to go. Today, for instance, I am curious about how my book is going to end. I am about a hundred pages out, so I plan to sit here beside the dog, with my cup of chai and find out what happens to Theodore decker in The Goldfinch.

Follow your curiosity.


  1. I love that you enjoy Elizabeth Gilbert. I adore her, but so many of my friends think she is pretentious and overdone. But I still can't get over Eat Pray Love, especially the time period in India. It's so stirring to me, always. Maybe because I first found it when I was going through a divorce. In any case I'm so glad to see that someone else enjoys her just as much as I do. :)

  2. Kindred spirits of a different Elizebethan era!


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