Sunday, September 7, 2014

Learning as Sisters

Now our mornings don't include Abby. It's a little sad to me; I miss her when she's away. Each morning after dropping her off, the little girls and I walk Skylar in a loop around our neighbourhood that takes us home alongside Abby's school playground. Her class stays outside playing, most mornings, after the bell has sounded. I love this time. We approach her from the opposite side of the chain link fence, and I see her before she sees me. I watch her run, climb the tree, pretend she's dead (it's a weird game she's been playing with her friends lately) and laugh. I see she is happy and comfortable and thriving.

When we return home, Summer begins to get cranky for her nap. I drop her off in the land of nod, go back downstairs and then begin to have fun with Hailey and Robin. I love this time of the day, too. It is just us three. I usually make a French Vanilla latte (lately, in my novelty Anne Taintor mug) while the girls colour a picture. This is where I gauge what kind of mood each girl is in. Next is whatever we want to do: Go outside, finger paint, make bread, dance, do really short yoga sequences, watch Sesame Street, face paint, anything! The world is our oyster for a couple of hours, and it is becoming such a gift to devote this time to getting to know them better. 

As much as I might miss Abby's presence, I can see these girls really bloom. Without their big sister to direct the play, boss them around, or talk a mile a minute over top of them, they are slowly unfolding layers of themselves in a reversal of beautiful, intricate origami. 

Check out what this mama does with her daughter's scribbles!
I am learning how to interpret their twin language, and trying to encourage their use of actual words.  They are patient teachers, and tolerant students. I have caught them grabbing each other's hand a few times, and my heart just melts. I am trying to make more small efforts, here and there, to do things with each girl individually, because I can see that is beginning to be important. They are usually fine with being the one to say goodbye, but the poor girl left at home usually needs a quick distraction in the form of a sweet to get over the sadness of it being not her turn out with mama. We go on quick trips to the store or mailbox, something out and away from the house, so no interloping sisters can intrude on our special time together.

Hailey and Robin are becoming such joyful sisters, both big and little. They listen to Abby's every command, playing dress up or tag or zoo. They try to sneak into her room every chance they get, and the first thing they do in the morning when I greet them is ask, "Where's Abby?" When Summer wakes up from morning nap, they get right to colluding together to entertain my littlest lady. They sing to her, read books as best they can, chase her, put things on her head, and show her exactly what they want her to do, by physical force. The sisterly bonds forming in this house are too cute to handle.


  1. Your daughters are absolutely precious, what a beautiful bond they have.

    1. Thanks Ruth! I have become captivated by your collaborations with your little lady. They are both precious and quite impressive!


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