Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Last Day of Vacation

I approached yesterday with a very 'last day' philosophy. It was the last day of our makeshift summer camp. The weather will continue to boast of summertime's presence, but as far as lifestyle and routine are concerned, summertime has come to an end. No more are Wednesday mornings begun by sleeping in, lazy breakfasts, and wearing our pajamas with no pants on. I felt a little mopey saying goodbye to what has been such an enriching, well-lived season. The girls, however, are not old enough to understand the fleeting nature of summertime, nor the accompanying sadness of saying goodbye to something you'll never again experience in quite the same way. I am aware of the changes, but because they are not, we were all about celebrating our summer memories and ramping up for back-to-school.

Specifically, we spent our last day going to the "good" park, eating a lunch of grilled cheese sandwiches and homemade tomato soup (from our garden tomatoes!), swimming away the afternoon, going for an after-dinner walk, and colouring with chalk until it was really, truly time to say goodbye to summer vacation, take baths and go to bed. 

Appreciating chalk with all her senses
I am recognizing how the learning goes two ways: the girls learn from me, but I am starting to be open to learning from them. I don't know why this is news to me, but better late than never, right? Their lack of nostalgia and sadness about leaving a stellar summer (really, it was one for the books) is something I can adopt as well. "Summer's over? Wow, that was fun, but hey guys! Fall is coming!" The weather and I are not ready to bid a full adieu, but I am beginning to enjoy the new seasonal rhythm that comes with the return of the school year.

With Abby returning to school and Summer still taking morning naps, I am happy to have morning time to connect with Hailey and Robin. They are much more expressive when their loud big sister is away, and I'm hoping that with their slowly-developing speech and our uninterrupted mornings together, I'll gleam further insight into who they are behind those pale blue eyes.

Around the house, I am returning to the reality of mealtime, instead of pretending supper would magically create itself (as I did all summer long) and then popping freezer food into the oven or onto the grill, swimming while it cooked. We have just filled our freezer with wholesome pork and chickens from a southern Ontario farm, and I am happily planning meals around our new cache of meat before we add in beef later this fall (after harvest). It feels good to meal plan again. I always find that I feel much more calm when I know we have healthy meals planned, groceries on-hand. Returning to those basic needs: sleep, good food, kind exercise, creative endeavours, help me strike a balance amidst back-to-school chaos, rushed mornings, invading illnesses and general life business.

So goodbye, Summer. Thank for the beach vacation, the books read, the fresh food, the backyard pool, the Petrie Island mornings, the road trips, the secret pond, the ice cream, Charlotte's Web with Abby, jogs with Rich, Summer's first steps, Robin's vocabulary growth, Hailey's giggles at the splash pad, the tomatoes, the backyard barbecues, the late nights, the warm sun and the millions of small joys in between.

First day of senior kindergarten, getting her swagger on

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