Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Vive le Summertime

I feel a little like a brat, trying to wish away the end of summer. The seasonal calendar tells me I still have a full month left, but the school calendar begins next week. But I don't wannnnna make school lunch, get everyone up early, ensure laundry is done. Summertime has given me a free pass on those things and I begrudgingly acknowledge that I must return to routine. 

We have had so much fun having Abby home with us every day. Together, her and I read Charlotte's Web, a chapter a day in our snuggly hippie chair before her sisters woke up from afternoon nap. We learned together and when she had questions about pigs and spiders, we found interesting youtube video answers. When we finished the story, we stayed up late watching the movie in my bed with a tub of air popped popcorn. When the movie was done, the sky outside was dark but the air still hung warm, so we went out for a night swim under the stars. Her surprise and giddiness at it all is a memory I hope I never forget. 

We have all been talking about tomatoes lately as our plants begin to produce in vast quantities. Check out this big mammajamma; it is the size of Abby's head! That one and another huge heirloom each made a jar of delicious salsa. I am learning how to can them properly, because we just can't eat 
them fast enough!

Summer seems to be back to her hilarious, goofy self after a nasty teething spell that left her inconsolable and perpetually attached to me for a few rough, sweaty days. The heat is still here but, thankfully, the pool has come to our rescue and everyone's happy to slip into their still-damp-from-last-swim bathing suits and jump in, even Summer. We're talking like three swims a day kind of hot. (Sorry, Johanna.) Definitely pretending school doesn't start next week. 

There's a nice breeze, a pool chair and a book calling my name, a little louder than my need to prepare dinner, so toodle-oo!

Making delicious peanut butter banana bread.

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