Monday, August 11, 2014

Early to rise

I don't know if it's just me, or some sweet after-effect of spending a year waking up through the night, but I seem to be functioning well with less sleep these days. Summertime magic? Rising sun-facing windows? The unending excitement of having a backyard pool? Perhaps a combination of things. It means I have been staying up late reading a new book, getting up early before the girls to write, eat yogurt and stretch, and I am powering through our days without much crankiness. 

My morning French Vanilla helps.
I have broken the mental barrier between August and September, acknowledging that it is coming. I began flipping through the city's fall recreation guide, to pre-select a few activities for Abby, letting her make the final choice in what she would like to participate. Then I realized I have to buy some school supplies, and probably a new lunch kit for her. I thought I might sign the younger girls up for a preschool music/movement class, but the price tag of three little ladies in just about anything is cost-prohibitive. So, we will happily sign up for the free toddler time at the library, which is a beautiful building just minutes from our house. And that takes care of my mama guilt that my first-born has many more opportunities than her sisters.

Other than fall activities and acquiring school stuff, we are still doing summertime exactly right: daily swims, trips to the park, eating al fresco, harvesting basil and tomatoes, road tripping, bubble-blowing, eating treat foods after dinner, and giving our youngest lady some hand-me-down first shoes in which she can strut around proudly.

I really see how we're feeling the benefits of our choices: staying home more often than going out, inviting friends over for a swim, eating well, keeping bedtimes, being consistent with our chosen house rules (even when it means repeating them 387749696 times a day), fostering quiet time and saying yes more than no. It makes me feel like I am doing alright, that these girls are feeling loved and getting what they need from me. We are finding one-on-one time and I am getting to know what each girls likes, needs and wants. How fortunate am I?

Hailey picks wisely?

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