Thursday, July 10, 2014

The Two Roads Project: Listen

Johanna (left): It's been a wet week here in our parts. It's somewhat unusual for the Yukon (it's usually dry), but I have been enjoying it none the less. 
Regardless of the rain, we still go out for our walks. The dog needs it, and I am realizing, so do I. 
The steady pitter patter on the hood of my rain jacket. I listen to it, like it is music. 
I have learned to slow down my life to a completely easy pace since moving to this little community of ours. I realize that stopping and noticing the sound of rain, is not a luxury that 
many people get to experience. While to some, they are too busy to stop and listen to the rain, I find it grounding and peaceful. It reminds me to be present and thankful for the gift of today.

Sarah (right(: It comes in different than any other time of year. Summer rain hits my window pane hard and fast, without warning, a rapid staccato against glass. Sometimes when I'm sleeping, I stir when I hear nature's best white noise machine, a steady, heavy rainfall. We routinely have the windows cracked open, so when the rush of summer rain commences, we all take pause. We listen. Sometimes there is thunder rolling violently behind the clouds, and we all pretend we're scared so we can cuddle under quilts and giggle. Sometimes, when the girls are asleep and I sit by my backyard window writing, a sudden rainfall into the backyard pool is the only thing I hear. I am lulled into a trance by it, a meditation brought on by summer rain.

The well-known poem by Robert Frost, The Road Not Taken ends, "Two roads diverged in a wood, and I-- I took the one less traveled by, and that has made all the difference."
Two women, who became friends via the magic of the Internet, were both living life on roads less traveled by. Circumstance had them both live in Whitehorse for a short time, where they became best friends. Life's map has them currently in differing geographic locations, but their connection and camaraderie continue as they continue on paths of motherhood, friendship, creativity and discovery. The Two Roads Project is our effort to reconnect with each other and our inner artists on a weekly basis, each Friday. (Or thereabouts. We don't always know which day of the week it is).
Johanna writes here. 

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