Sunday, July 20, 2014

Sur La Plage

I have been humbled. I hate to begin with a cautionary tale, rather than focus on the transformative beauty of our beach vacation to Maine, but I'll be honest: Taking four young kids on a trip anywhere is the antidote to serenity. Tantrums, disruptions to routine, major diet changes (replace nourishment with sugar and you get the idea), shared sleeping quarters. I wondered aloud many a times, "what were we thinking?"

Collected beach treasures
There were some pretty worthy moments: Watching Summer feel a wave for the first time, seeing her eyes light up, reflecting the electricity of rushing surf. Hearing Hailey's giggle carry over the roar of beach din. That time we all sat at the same table in a restaurant, happily eating our meals. Feeling like my heart would burst with pride as Abby learned to swim underwater, by herself. Watching Robin learn the names for our extended family members who joined us, before galloping full force into their outstretched arms. Reading my book against the backdrop of crashing waves, sipping a glass of wine, snacking on a plate of cheeses.

There were also some, shall we say, highlights that will go down in our family's collective history of our travels to Ogunquit. There was the time we all managed to get ourselves dressed, ready and on time for dinner in Perkin's Cove and Hailey pooped all over the back row of the town trolley. There was our shared joy in watching Summer take her first steps, on the beach-- our beach-- sacred ground.  There was our successful conversion of Rich from land-lubber to full-blown boogey-boarding enthusiast. 

All that to say, we had to re-align our expectations after a few hiccups, but once we did, oh it was paradise. I was overjoyed to watch the sun bleach my little girl's tight ringlets and paint their skin the colour of peanut butter. I loved watching them seamlessly adjust to beach mornings, pool afternoons, without any complaints. I loved a fantastic date night with Rich, spent at a bar and grill right on the beach. I loved leaving the girls with my teenage cousins on the beach while I took walks with my auntie and cousin, absorbing their nuggets of wisdom.

I was in my happy place, with my people, disconnected from the outside world, with not a worry on my mind. Yeah, you could say it was awesome.

Long live the beach vacation.


  1. Lovely photos. I just love the Atlantic ocean.
    I am so glad that you got your beach trip....and a special date with Rich.

  2. The beach looks so beautiful! I'm glad you two got a night out to yourselves :)


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