Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Secret Pond Adventure Day

One of the best byproducts of living back home is having my girl friends, my lifelong besties, be here to help me raise my girls. It takes a village, oh yes. We are thrilled that our families are here to help us, too. But any girl knows there is no replacing her girl friends.

Today we went on a day trip to a secret pond. It was such an adventure to traverse the route, by car and on foot, to reach our oasis. We were all so excited by the mystery and secrecy. Long gone are my days of getting into night clubs with the right password. Now, I am all about the hush-hush swimming holes. 

We had a picnic, swam, splashed, built sand castles, learned new tricks, laughed, talked and caught up  with each other in a way we aren't often afforded. It was a quintessential summer beach day, and we all agreed we need to make time to return to our hideaway on a regular basis. There was too much goodness floating around for us to pass on.

I was so enthralled watching my girls swim with my friends. They are comfortable with them now, having become familiar with these faces. This goes both ways. I am watching them all learn each other, and have silly fun in a way only little girls and their surrogate aunties can manage. I trust them intrinsically, and am happy to sit back and let them all form their own bonds with my kids, and I with theirs.

We came home tired, smiling, and talking all at once when we came through the door, telling Rich all about our adventures. The girls are all napping now, tuckered out from hours spent in the water. In other words, just the way a little girls should after a well-lived, beautiful summer morning.

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  1. Such a great day!!! Henry is still napping (it's 3:22 PM!)


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