Monday, June 2, 2014

When Days are Hot

When we pulled up to this house for our first viewing, Summer was two weeks old. She was crying, needing to eat every half an hour it seemed, and we kept putting her in and out of her car seat on a hot day, looking at houses to buy. We had been living out of suitcases for a few months, I was a particularly defunct mess of hormones, and things seemed bleak. The first line of the brief realty description that caught my eye was this: "in-ground, heated salt water pool."

I let myself get a little excited, but not too much, in case the house was a dump. I walked through the kitchen, put Summer's car seat on top of the table, and bee-lined for the backyard. There it was. The pool. 

Lucky for us, the house was perfect: four bedrooms, in our price range, close to all the important things, finished basement, move-in ready. And oh, the pool. Once the papers were signed and conditions were off, I came by the house for a final walk through. Abby was with me, and we sat down at the edge, cooling our feet on the steps of OUR new pool.

That dreamy, "won the lottery", jubilant happiness I felt that day has multiplied. 

It is 30 degrees here today. The heavy air is hardly moving, and it was sticky sweaty at nine when we walked Abby to school. I will wait until Rich is home to bring the kids in, because when Summer comes in, she needs an adult to herself. In the meantime, the kids were taking their afternoon nap, the bread was out of the oven, the online bills had been paid, the mess in the sink had been cleaned up, and my backyard pool summoned.

I thought to myself, as I slipped into the refreshingly cool water, "I feel like a rich person." I smiled as I whip-kicked the length of the pool. I did some pool yoga, practiced treading water, floated without purpose on the noodle, meditated on how happy I was, and soaked it all in. This pool is a dream come true and its novelty is nowhere near wearing off. 

I love saying things like, "Come on over! Bring your swimsuit!" and hollering, "We're out back!" when I hear a friend or family member at the front door.  I love teaching my girls to swim and love the water, like I do. I love drinking a glass of wine as I balance on a pool noodle in the deep end, at the end of a long day of mothering. 

I love volunteering for sweaty, outdoor work like mowing the lawn, just so I can get good and hot before I hurriedly change into my bating suit and dive in.

Living the dream.


  1. Great post Sarah. I had a very "living the life" weekend too. No pool at my house, but I finally have a yard!

  2. swimming has become my savior, I think a pool is on my must-have for my new and improved future. I never could master that darn whip kick


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