Wednesday, June 18, 2014

"Roll out Those Lazy, Hazy, Crazy Days of Summer"

We're a week and a half away from true-blue summertime. School will be out, the solstice will have passed, the clocks will become a vague guideline. I have an idyllic vision of lazy days passed poolside, in the parks, on sandy beaches, at a cottage. On my to-do list: the RCMP musical ride sunset show, a day trip to Parc Omega, a day trip to Wolfe Island, an evening date with Rich to the poutine shack down the road, Ribfest, a week at the beach in Maine, tomato harvest, Summer's first birthday party.

We kicked things off the other day with popsicles and splashing in the kiddie pool. Sunscreen smoothed on, hats atop heads, music turned on and go. Sunscreen is pretty much the signature scent of summertime, is it not?

I've been pumping Hailey and Robin full of liquids while we potty-train them, to increase the opportunities to recognize and learn their 'gotta go' signs. So, I made these awesome popsicles that I will definitely make again: I steeped Pink Lemonade tea, cooled it, let it sit in a pitcher in the fridge overnight with lemon wedges, blueberries, strawberries and raspberries. The next morning it tasted sweet, like purple Fruitopia-- but with no sugar. Amazing! So, I poured some into my rocket popsicle moulds and saved the rest for an apres-nap toddler cocktail hour.

Bonus: When the popsicles inevitably dripped all over the patio, they didn't leave any sticky residue, since they were just tea. Yay! Also- we had a mesh pool fence installed a few weeks ago, separating the pool from the back patio barbecue/table area. I despise the blasted thing, and miss my aesthetically-pleasing backyard setup, but the peace of mind we have with this is more than worth it. Now we can enjoy our little backyard oasis without the constant paranoia of drownings.

Almost every day this week I have gathered something from our garden to add to a dish. Chives in my frittata, basil over our pasta, sage in the butter sauce. We still have peas and tomatoes a-coming, and I am loving this whole garden-to-plate menu. I've been making a point to hit up the farmer's market and have so far enjoyed rhubarb, wild garlic, and strawberries- the delicious kind that are all deep red and juicy inside. Oh yes, I am lovin' me some summertime up in hee-yah. 

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