Monday, June 16, 2014


In the past few days, I have been lifted in so many ways. 

- I held a teensy newborn baby 
- Watched Abby invent games for her sisters to play with her. They idolize her and do anything she asks. Anything. 
- Shared meals with friends and family
- Baked a Northern favourite pie recipe that turned out
- Ran a good, long route with hills, and sweated it ALL out (the cheapest therapy I've found)
- Tickled Summer, causing her to  giggle uncontrollably
- Enjoyed a nice tea with my Dad and sister, watching Anchorman 2
- Worked on a decorating do-over in my mom's kitchen while she's away

What's more, I had the presence of mind to really enjoy these things, and take them for what they're worth. 

Poor Papa Bear had to work on Father's day, so we celebrated with my Dad (our girls' Toots) before joining Rich's family for a barbecue dinner when his shift ended. The girls love their Daddy so much, and are so lucky he is so involved, so invested in their well-being. We are so fortunate.

Summer is 10 months old, and in her baby book I can now enter, "sleeps through the night, claps her hands, and cut her third tooth." She has the most adorable, soft jiggly cheeks and perfect rosebud lips and I am at an impasse of time I don't want to go through. I would like to just freeze where we are right now, if possible, please. 

We are in the throes of twin toddler toilet training (for all you alliteration fans), and so far we are making steady progress. It is doable, although it is difficult to keep a calm voice and demeanour when rushing one to the potty mid-stream while the other cries that I pushed her out of the way and the baby claws at my heels as I squat down beside said potty and block everyone from getting their hands into the pee. Their little bums are pretty cute in their princess undies, though, so there's that!

Father's Day with Toots

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