Monday, May 12, 2014

Winning the Lottery

It's here, it's here! Spring! I know this because as I sat in the rocking chair nursing Summer this morning, her window open and letting in a cool breeze, Abby excitedly told me she could see leaves beginning to grow on our neighbourhood's trees. The birds were singing their morning songs, I cuddled my oldest and youngest babies, and life was feeling pretty friggin awesome.

Because, I realize, it is. I live a pretty charmed life these days. This ramble may stem from the fact that Summer granted me an entire night's sleep last night, but there are a few other things making me feel like I won the lottery.

For one, I own a house with a pool. And that pool is open. And I can go swimming in it anytime I want because it is mine, and that is a dream come true. I realize it's a little early in the year but hey, I'm a big time pool keener. I took the three older girls in last night for our first swim. Hailey and Robin wore their little life jackets, and Abby showed them how to sit patiently on the first step. They all waited as they took turns swimming with mama, kicking their feet, blowing bubbles. It was like a little swimming lesson with my girls. The first of many.  

Today during nap time, I raced through my house chores, got into my bathing suit and jumped into the pool for a little workout sesh followed by a drying-off in the sun nap. It was heaven.

I am over my grumpy hump. Nothing feels as good as getting over something less than good to make us realize how good we had it to begin with. What? That was a very vague, rambly sentence. What I mean to say is that I gave myself another proverbial kick in the pants, called myself out on my BS and resolved to stop stomping around all angry and hormonal just because that's how I felt like acting. 

I am enjoying involving Hailey and Robin in more of my otherwise mundane household tasks, because they like it and it is fun to watch them learn. Their speech is really coming along, and I can read in their faces how much they are taking in and understanding.

We are all going outside a lot more, and alleluia to that. Just going outside, no plan, no activities, and we are set. The girls come up with little games, I weed the garden or sit and watch them (the girls, not the weeds). We walk to the park and I watch them all run around, climb, slide and fling themselves all over the place (until it's time to go and everyone cries and we walk away quick as we can). 

I am dreaming of gardening. My horticulturist friend told me to hold off until the May long weekend to make absolutely sure we're done with frost, so I will. But Summer did help me pot a few little things, because I couldn't all the way resist.

We are eating more produce, barbecuing out back, swimming, singing, dancing to Beyonce songs, picking dandelions, holding hands, identifying birds at our feeder, and friggin loving life. 

I think even if I did win the lottery, I would want to live exactly the life I'm living (but maybe mortgage-free, and with fancier jammies).


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