Friday, May 16, 2014


Sorry, ya'll. Johanna and I totally dropped the ball on this week's Two Roads Project. Life happens, you know? We'll try again next week!

In the meantime, life is totally, undeniably happening. My PVR is blowing up with shows going unwatched. I haven't cracked the spine on any of the books I'm in the middle of reading. Days go by before I realize the calendar is zooming onward, bringing writing deadlines closer. I actually have to write down things like, "call mom," and "see friends" or else I will space out and forget there's a world outside my own. 

I know what's happening. I'm coming out of winter moods, habits and rhythms. Literally, I am shedding clothing, warming my skin under the high sun, finding new energy. I am moving more, eating cold, nourishing food heavy on the produce, lighter on the heavy stuff. I am big on applying Ayurveda to my rhythm, and this season brings out the light energy, the innately warm, the radiating glow of the sun reflected in my own orbiting body.

We had our first heat wave this week and holy moly were we ever glad to have opened our pool. I was in it a few times a day. The girls are getting more comfortable in it. It's been a great way to cool off, connect with each other, and sneak in some wet, skin-on-skin cuddles with my kids. We blended up some homemade pink lemonade (raspberries, lemons, water, ice and honey) as an after-school treat, thoroughly enjoyed by all.

We are taking in the lush green in our landscapes: on our windowsill, in our herb pots, on our lawn.  As the grass soaks up the morning dew we make a break for it, barefoot, running across and letting it wet our feet. I love inviting the girls to learn from our natural cues: from the stronger sun, from the blooming trees. Getting down to low to spot ladybugs and earthworms, looking up high to notice which birds sing which songs.

We are enjoying our own coming out, our reacquainting with the outdoors. We are getting to know our new neighbourhood, on foot, in strollers and on push cars.

At a time when our kids are as easily entertained by a pine cone as by a toy, we are happy to know their imaginations guide their play. It also puts my mind at ease to know that finding something fun to keep the girls occupied is one less thing I have to do: going outside and standing back is all they need from me.


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