Saturday, May 10, 2014

The Two Roads Project: Play

Johanna (left): Play is so essential to a little one. It's problem solving, it's rationalizing, it's understanding, it's making sense of their world. 
My boy is one creative soul. On a daily basis, he imagines that he is a spy, a cat, a super hero ... you name it. He invents and comes up with ideas, and to me, I can see that his play is so very important to the person that he is becoming. 
Here he was with his dad. Building a magnificent tower with legos. Adding pieces, telling a story, making a world up in his imagination. 

Sarah (right): One of the many benefits to having children is watching how they play. I am fascinated by watching how it develops. In infancy, the play is largely sensory exploration. Then, they walk, and chase and play peek-a-boo. These days, I see Abby create elaborate scenes with her friends, with dress-up, role play, song and dance numbers, the sky's the limit. Hailey and Robin have built-in playmates. They have a constant companion, day and night. I hear them giggle and run and play until they fall asleep, well past their bedtime in their shared room  Today, on a sunny afternoon, after we picked up Abby from school, we played out front. Robin wore her Afghani princess dress for the sixth day in a row, hopped into her Little People coupe, and got into a fender-bender with her mama's Caravan. Hailey ran up to check the damage, and then drew with chalk. Abby continues kicking her soccer ball and Summer chewed on some mulch. Just another afternoon of play.

The well-known poem by Robert Frost, The Road Not Taken ends, "Two roads diverged in a wood, and I-- I took the one less traveled by, and that has made all the difference."
Two women, who became friends via the magic of the Internet, were both living life on roads less traveled by. Circumstance had them both live in Whitehorse for a short time, where they became best friends. Life's map has them currently in differing geographic locations, but their connection and camaraderie continue as they continue on paths of motherhood, friendship, creativity and discovery. The Two Roads Project is our effort to reconnect with each other and our inner artists on a weekly basis, each Friday. (Or thereabouts. We don't always know which day of the week it is).
Johanna writes here.

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