Wednesday, April 2, 2014

The Happiest

Without fail, one the best ways to pass time and plump up my ego is to invite Hailey and Robin to play mama. I pull out a few of my slippers, scarves, necklaces or lately I let them go through my outdoor drawer and they become mini-me's. They check each other out, run up to me looking for approval and babble, "Mamaaaaa." 

They are two so, naturally, they love getting into something that is otherwise verboten. They love to throw a bag so comically large over their shoulders and bid me farewell as they head toward the doors with sly, impish grins. "Bye-bye!" they call and I sit back with my tea and fantasize for a moment that they do miraculously go out, make some money and come home tired at the end of the day. 

That's not exactly playing mama, though, since I stay home with my girls and keep inviting the money fairy to come visit me whenever she pleases, to compensate me for the long hours and unclaimed benefits I have accrued. Hailey and Robin dance like their big sister, stage tea parties with each other, draw pictures and hide in secret twin clubhouses around the house where they giggle, conspire and destroy things.

Life with those twins is never-ending entertainment. Quite enjoyable, even if I'm the underpaid help required to clean the residual messes and repair broken things. 

Summer is also learning quickly that the best way to capitalize on the bits of crafts left unattended under tiny tables is to scoot towards them and gobble them with quick stealth. The dog dish is a golden trophy to try for every time my back is turned or my attention is required somewhere else. This girl is eight months old and a fast learner, I tell you. 

I must say, all things considered, that I have never been more happy than I am right now. I am totally living the dream. Chasing mischievous babies, sharing meals with family who drop in for dinner, having good talks with friends, keeping date night plans with Rich, starting to run, writing more, and anticipating the glorious unknown of what's to come. 

For everyone playing along in Springwatch 2014, here is my latest update: there is grass. Thin lines of it emerge under receding snowbanks. The sidewalks are flooded and we go through many pairs of socks. We are shedding layers of fleece and starting to think about rain gear instead of wind protection. Alleluia!

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