Monday, April 14, 2014

New life and nesting

Getting outside again: oh my, how refreshing it feels. Just like the after-rain smell coming into my bedsheets through the open window, my lungs feel like they've been spring cleaned with fresh air. Admittedly, some of that is the deep-cleaning that goes on when I'm heaving desperately, gasping the fresh air as I run. I signed up for a Mother's Day 5K (did I mention that before?), and I'm on week 7 of the Couch to 5K run program I found online. I am building up distance and speed a little more each week, hoping to be ready for May 11th. I am oiling my joints, cleaning out my cobwebs and finding a renewed joy, actually, in the meditation that comes naturally with distance running. 

We're talking a lot about spring and new life, the girls and I. About eggs, and the baby bunnies we see scampering around our neighbourhood. About budding trees and sprouting seeds and what gifts the warm weather and sunshine bring to the land. One of the things that I have felt really drawn to as a mother is introducing my girls to the natural rhythms of the outdoor, wild world. Life cycles, seasons, and their corresponding moods and themes. We began discussing death up North by witnessing hunting, living off the land and farm life.  The girls' natural curiosity and draw towards animals, bugs and plants fascinates me.

So you will understand why we are especially excited that a robin has decided to build her spring nest on our house.

We have been watching her and papa robin collecting grasses, pine needles and other stringy things. I hope they'll decide to stay, in spite of the high-pitched squeals, cries and voices of four little girls. I think it would make me feel very maternal and satisfied to know that while we live here, babies were born. If not in our house, then at least on it. I showed Abby pictures of robin eggs and baby robins, so we can eagerly anticipate their coming together. After I post this, we have plans to go out in the backyard to cut her hair. She needed one anyway, but she is thrilled to think that some of her curly locks might end up in the nest!

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