Saturday, April 12, 2014

Happiness Round Up

Lots to be happy with, not the least of which is the promise of springtime currently being fulfilled: snow has melted, parkas are packed away, windows cracked open. It is here! I'm eating breakfast by myself right now, looking at the birds and squirrels out our front window, peacefully drinking a smoothie while papa bear and the girls watch Frozen. We have a busy weekend, but busy with the good stuff: dance class, birthday drinks downtown, getting outside, family time. So, I'm getting offline and going to get dressed, put my face on, catch the end of Frozen and get going on this jam we call the weekend.

Things that have added to my happiness quotient:

A night spent at Chapters, slowly perusing titles on bookshelf after bookshelf with my good friend Johanna before she returned North.

Catching all four girls playing nicely:

Getting outside for after-dinner walks with my girls. This year, Hailey and Robin (pictured) are big enough to do some of the walking themselves, albeit at a slower, highly distracted pace.

These sunglasses. All of my babies have worn them and they make me laugh every time. I got them to make my girls look like baby Olsen twins, baby Jackie O's, and they slay me!


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