Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Facing Forward

I'm super pumped to be right here, right now, at this very nexus of time: between Summer's infancy and her toddlerhood, between having all babies and all growing school-aged kids, between newlywed and power marathon couple. Right at this specific geographic coordinate on the imaginary plain of my journey. I've been in a bit of survival mode for awhile, learning how to handle twin preemies, then the added bonus of another baby, then moving without a home and living out of suitcases for awhile. We just had to make it. And now, we have. We have made it.

I have spent the last few years cultivating a simple, routine-based home life for our girls and honestly, for myself. I pared down a lot. We set our priorities and learned to get by with what we needed, and a few wants thrown in carefully. When the going got rough, we streamlined our activities, commitments and goals and tried to just be. Well-fed, cuddled, loved, active. The basics. We held onto the basics and have made a very satisfying, enriched existence for ourselves. I know we'll continue to keep it simple around here.


Now I feel like I'm ready to start taking on a bit more. 

As the girls grow, as I stretch my boundaries, I am ready to toss in a few spices of life, so to speak. A few more play dates and outings, because even if it's a little extra work, it's nice to see people, you know? Forge more friendships, expose my kids to other ideas. I am taking on more writing projects, personally and professionally. I am definitely feeling like now is the time to make my mark, establish my voice, and give a little back, creatively speaking.

We've been given so much while we were hunkered down in survival mode: a lot of grace, friendship, support, food, love, hand-me-downs, understanding. I counted those blessings almost every day and now here we are, ready to start returning the favour a little. In whatever ways we can, in whatever ways feel right. Earth Day's coming up, and I'm looking forward to doing a little neighbourhood trash clean-up with Abby. Easter weekend is a few days off, and the girls are getting excited not for egg hunts or chocolate, but for big family dinners, and visiting baby animals on the farm.

Maybe it's the infectious hope of spring, the warm weather calling us out of a very long hibernation, but I feel ready to step out again, and greet the world as a more established version of myself.

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