Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Easter roundup

Just listen to this while you read the rest of this post. It'll make you smile. 

We don't have a lot of cute Easter pictures, because our Easter wasn't super cute. No vignettes of ceramic bunnies, no egg dyeing, I didn't even get the girls to pose in their Easter dresses. Hailey, Robin, Summer and I were all sick, and so we kind of coasted through the long weekend. It all seems like a blur to me, and I felt like I was in a haze through most of it. It's a wonder we were even organized enough to get an egg hunt set up for Sunday morning.

Hailey putting an egg into Robin's bag, how cute is that? Yes, our Easter baskets are also our grocery bags.

My mom and I took Hailey and Robin to the agriculture museum Friday for our celebration of new life: baby animals were on display, and the girls loved it all. They were indiscriminate in their love for both the gulls flying around, and the magnificent Clydesdale horses, just the same. I think they liked the pigs the best, though. And snack time.

So, that's kind of it. A big blur of plastic eggs, cellophane-wrapped chocolate bunnies, farm scenes and a lot of blankets and pillows on couches. Like, a lot. But that's what happens when almost everyone is sick and wants to rest. 

You know what else happened this weekend, though? Our village totally rose to the occasion. Nobody chastised us for forgetting cards at Easter dinner, or only staying for an hour and a half, or for our lack of visible enthusiasm over, well, anything. Instead, people came and helped us. Helped play with Abby when she felt better but no one else did, helped bring food, helped make tea, tuck me in, and let me sleep while household tasks were attended to. I almost felt guilty. Because, if we were up North, our northern family would help us out too and we would have done the same for them, but I would have felt guilty accepting help. But this is home, and this is our family. Of course they help us. They are most definitely the village required for raising a big family.

Happy Earth Day to you! I thought of compiling a list of ways we try to be green, reduce waste, etc. But I don't know, it felt a little, brag-y and presumptuous. We do our best, and we do what's easiest in most cases. Let's leave it at that!

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  1. OMG! That sucks that you were all sick for Easter. I hope you're all feeling better soon. My Nannie is taking Henry and I to the museum tomorrow. We took him for Halloween, but there were no babies!


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