Monday, March 24, 2014

The transition

I'll let you guess what we're up to around here through deductive reasoning:

When I asked my trailblazers, those with twins older than mine, what they did about the dreaded "crib to bed transition," their answers left me feeling a little loony about our decision to set up our twins' beds. Some told me that when it came time for theirs to move into beds, they separated them into their own rooms. Hmm. Well, that's not an option for us, being short on bedrooms and up to our ears in kids. One mama hasn't made the leap and has hers still "jailed" in cribs, as she described. I wish we could go back to the security that comes with nocturnal child imprisonment. 

Alas, Hailey could climb out of her crib, and both girls were staying up late anyways after they'd thrown everything out of their cribs and then cry about it. So, we got the beds ready: I spray painted one sunshine yellow, Rich and his Dad assembled them, we got the bedding together. The first night was a gong show. They hid under the beds, opened their curtains to let the fading light in, tore their books off the shelves and read them by nightlight. They stayed up entirely too late and awoke several times at night, confused. I worry about them going days without naps, staying up long nights and working themselves into an overtired haze. 

I can only combat the worry with the hope that it will get better, the sleep increments will get longer, and two beds in their shared bedroom becomes their new normal. In the meantime, I'll keep giggling about the funny noises I hear coming from their room when they're supposed to be sleeping. 


  1. I have been avoiding the transition for months now....they can climb out of their cribs, but they only do it during nap time....We've debated just transitioning Molly because she's more ready....We asked her to tell us if she wants a big girl bed and she told us that she'd think about it. Any tips would be great!

  2. Ack! See? Another with twins older than ours still using their cribs. Maybe we're crazy! No tips yet, we haven't met success!

  3. I seem to remember that this is what happened when Abby transitioned into her "big girl" bed, but with two, you run into all kinds of issues ... them keeping each other up would be the worst.
    Thinking of you and wishing that sweet dreams find their way to your household soon!


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