Wednesday, March 12, 2014

So happy together

It's March Break in our neck of the woods. At pickup last Friday, I heard parents whining about the upcoming break. "What will we do with the kids? It's going to be so busy! They're going to get so bored!" I don't want to seem holier than thou, but I wondered to myself what was with all the complaining? Our house is certainly more busy this week with Abby being home with us, but I love it. Of course I love it. My girl is home. 

Our mornings are blissfully slow: no rush to get out the door. If I stayed up late the night before and didn't give a thought to preparing breakfast, it's no biggie. Toast and yogurt and berries again and everyone's smiling. We can stay in our jammies until the kids look like they need something to do again. Time to pick out clothes! We have a snack, read books, do some colouring, invite friends over, watch Elmo, go for a walk. But get bored? Nope.

It took a couple days for the middle girls to get used to their bossy big sister kicking around, but now everyone's on board. And playing well together, actually. It's sweet and, I think, a first: Playing with each other independent of my guidance. It's so fun to watch their little play scenes develop. Abby likes to make her dolls get hurt then help them, or order her sisters to follow her and, of course, they do. Hailey likes her toys to scale up walls, giggling about how funny that is. Robin likes to make things go! go! go! And Summer loves to have her people around her, keeping her entertained.

I'm nestled up with my blankie, a tea and my dog this afternoon, giving my body a bit of a break to hopefully stave off a head cold I can feel moving in. I'm desperately gorging on ginger, mangoes, hot apple cider and zinc. 

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