Wednesday, March 19, 2014


Liftoff! Summer is mobile. I could see her eyes twinkling with anticipation the last few days, wondering how on earth she could coordinate her movements to keep up with her sisters. She pulled herself along the floor like Lieutenant Dan, but that wasn't fast enough. She would sit by herself in the empty play room, crying after her big sisters had run down the hall, into the kitchen and away in a fast-paced parade of giggles. She strained, complained and tensed her face tight until she got it. 

I'm so happy for her, and I love cheering her on as she pads on by, fast as she can. There she goes, another baby of mine on the move. She can push herself up to sitting, which means she also gets stuck at night, crying in a sitting position, because she doesn't yet know how to lie back down. She is eating full-on people food, like toast, bell peppers, chicken, raspberries. She talks away, a mile a minute-- but only when it's quiet. Otherwise, she sits and watches the show that is her sisters.

Ah, milestones.

Also: Me in the papes: Check out, if you're so inclined, a piece I wrote about Earth Day, and making connections with our kids. (The story's on page 11).

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