Monday, March 17, 2014

A Beautiful Mess

One thing about motherhood: it is not for the clean freaks. Or, rather, it will breakdown the clean freak, dissolving her inner OCD tendencies to immediately wipe, tidy and organize scenes that are askew. I have been keeping a tab on how many times in a day I fight the urge to interrupt a play scene to fix it: make it cleaner, better, more efficient. The daily tally is embarrassingly high. But, duh, this is totally the opposite of childhood's journey: discovery, trial and error, independence, freedom to explore. So I am working on it. 

A fun trick I discovered is when I notice type-A clean freak tendencies creeping in, I step back, grab my camera and shoot it instead. The results are a beautiful mess.

Today came a day I have been eagerly anticipating: baking with Hailey and Robin. I tested the waters a few times before, but all they wanted to do was lick the spoon or cry about not being allowed to lick the spoon. Not ready yet. Today I pulled two chairs up to the counter and let them fill the muffin cups with liners. They ran to the hook where the aprons hang, and asked to wear them, like their mama. They climbed their little chairs and stuck their fingers into the dry ingredients. I showed them how to stir them together, without flour exploding out too many times. Our final dry to wet ratios are probably way off, but I am reminding myself it's not important.

They loved tasting each wet ingredient as it went into the bowl, watching how it blended with the others. We were making pumpkin chocolate chip muffins from Looneyspoons, in case you are wondering.

They took it quite seriously, smiling little smiles as their eyes focused on blending ingredients, stirring the over-sized spoons. When it came time to put them in the oven, I switched on the light so they could watch the muffins rise. They finished the last few chocolate chips that didn't make the cut and when the beeper rang, they ran up to me, fat fists pointing to the oven. We all admired our creations as those muffins came out of the oven to cool on the wire rack.

I love baking with Abby, and am so happy to bring Hailey and Robin into the fold, (no baking pun intended!). Giving them grownup jobs to do makes them feel so special and capable. Plus, we love eating the end results :)

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  1. It's amazing to see these two little ones grow up before our eyes. Here they are, doing big girl things and are so proud of themselves. So so sweet. xox


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