Thursday, February 20, 2014


There I was again, sitting in the blue rocking chair in Summer's nursery, nursing her to sleep after a long, go-go-go day. I noticed her legs were hanging a little further over my left arm, her toes nearly bursting through her six-month sized pajamas. I made a mental note to bring up the nine-month bin of clothes the next day. It hit me, again, as it has been with alarming frequency: this last baby of mine is growing up so fast.

She can get up on her hands and knees and rock back-and-forth (the air hump, I call it), preparing for liftoff. She can sit up all by herself. She can handle small chunks of food she prefers to feed herself.  No looking back now, she is full speed ahead. I pack up bags of clothes and give them away, never to unfold those little dresses and snowsuits again. 

The balance to any weepy nostalgia I feel is the interaction between Summer and her big sisters. Hailey and Robin have, until recently, not paid much attention to Summer. Now? They excitedly pitter patter into her room to greet her after a nap. They run circles around her exersaucer, giggling as they go. Summer catches their contagious laughter and soon it spreads to me. They pat her back kindly when she cries and like to hold her after-dinner bottle for her. 

Hailey and Robin have been zooming ahead as well. Their language has exploded, and their little mouths go a mile a minute in toddler gibberish, trying to keep up with the speed of their imaginations. My favourite is when they over-pronouce the long o in "go" as they push their little cars across the floor. They're also a lot more physical interactive with each other. Yes, they hit from time to time, but they are also quick to give each other high-fives, grab the other's hand and pull her to see something exciting, or tickle. This is definitely a touchy-feely house and I like watching each girl come into her own comfort zone for what she deems acceptable, comfortable touch. 

My own growth is more of a marathon than a sprint. If learning is lifelong, I'm certainly in no rush to round the final bend toward the finish line anytime soon. Lately, though, I've been learning more about taking pictures, so I can be better prepared around the house as I snap pictures of the family, and out in the world, on assignment for freelance pieces. I took the one below along the Ottawa River after dropping off our donations to the Youville Centre. It was great to go and see the place firsthand, and learn a little more about the work they do and how our donated items will be doled out. I highly recommend you think of this place next time you're feeling charitable. 

For extra bonus points: a Youtube slideshow chronicling the twins' past year of life, here.


  1. I have a girlfriend who works at the Youville Centre, and I think it's really wonderful of you to donate your girls' birthday gifts to them!

    1. Thanks for saying so. After looking into it and seeing it for myself, I can fully support this centre and the work it does!

  2. Congrats on reaching 2....I have to say the time between 2 and 2.5 has gone at warp speed...enjoy it!


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