Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Finding our rhythm

Slowly, but indeed surely, I am finding my footing. I'm feeling really happy with how our days are looking and feeling since our papa bear returned to work. I was anxious, apprehensive and scared, but now I am really enjoying the mornings spent with just Hailey and Robin (when Summer naps), time with just Summer (when the older girls nap) and time with Abby first thing in the morning before everyone else is up and asking for breakfast. I haven't before found time in most days to spend with each girl, and I am so glad for it now. I am learning so much more in our time quietly playing on the floor than I ever have before.

I have even begun doing messy things with Hailey and Robin, things I would have been anxious about before. It turns out they love painting and play dough and helping me bake. When I set my expectations low and remember to keep things about the process, and not the end product, we are all much more happy. 

Their first time using paint brushes

There is a nice rhythm to our weekdays, and oh, does that rhythm give us all a nice sense of peace. Predictability, calm, insulation, and a small sense of control make for very playful, very content girls, myself included. Our days don't result in much accomplishment, and we aren't even brave enough to start doing much outside of the house, but our simple routines and rhythms have made a noticeable impact on all of the girls: better sleep, fewer meltdowns, and more playtime among siblings (without hair-pulling). 

Game night with grandparents. Abby got hold of the face paints again.
 A big reason we all feel so happy, I think, is because our friends and family have made such concerted efforts to join us here. Getting out for visits is nice and necessary to break the days up, but we really appreciate all those who are coming here to join in our daily rhythm. I joke about being a self-made shut-in, and I honestly don't go out on many errands, but I feel connected to my community  and with our family and friends because they are all so good about coming to us.

Every Monday, for instance, I can count on my mom and sister to come visit. They join us for dinner and help put the girls to bed before we brew some tea, pour a bowl of chips and watch The Bachelor together.

Life won't always be like this and, of course, we won't always be such fervent homebodies. But in this season of life with so many little ones, and such a deep need for a familiar rhythm, I am really happy to be staying home with my girls.

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