Tuesday, February 25, 2014


I read this gem today, during my "quiet mama down time," on one of my fave parenting blogs, Hands Free Mama. It paints a pretty picture of the kind of mindfulness I've been trying to cultivate.

If I want my children to be awed by sunsets in the future, I must take time to be awed by sights in nature now.
If I want my children to appreciate the joy of a screen-free Saturday afternoon in the future, I must take time to show them the joys of screen-free Saturday now.
If I want my children to look directly into the eyes of those who speak to them when they are adults, I must look into their eyes and listen to their words now.
It is my ultimate hope that my children’s childhood memories include me participating in their lives with open hands and attentive eyes. This means doing what I can now to be a hands free parent as they grow.
- Rachel Macy Stafford

I won't always get it right, but I think the point is to be trying. 

This morning, I took some time to take pictures, and chose to shoot those things around me that were most colourful, to my eye. I found a beautiful photography blog yesterday that really inspired me, (not to mention the author's adoption story that moved me to tears). So, off I went around the house while the girls played on their own. (Another side note: Sometimes the most enjoyable way to feel present is to step back and watch my girls play among themselves. It is so heart-warming to catch them co-operating, making each other giggle, and helping without prompting).

Funny story: Rich went into Abby's class in uniform yesterday to talk about what police officers do. The idea was to help make police accessible and approachable, so if students one day need help, they will feel familiar and comfortable approaching an officer. Rich reported back that they all were enamoured with the gun and duty belt. They answered his questions with hilarious, basic understandings of throwing bad guys in jail and no knowledge about when to call emergency services. Quote, "so kids, when should you call 9-1-1?" Answer from a five-year-old: "When you want to say hello to a police officer!"

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