Thursday, February 27, 2014

Are you there, spring? It's me, desperation.

I feel a yearning for spring to come in a bad way. I've likened my relationship with winter to that of an abusive boyfriend before, and now I feel like a pathetic girlfriend whining for spring to come, oblivious to the fact that my pining and neediness might just be what is making it hesitate at the door before entering. I thought maybe when we moved to Ottawa, the winters wouldn't feel so long, spring would greet us and we'd be barefoot in sandals by April. I know, I know. It's still February. But only for one more day, and then March is supposed to officially welcome spring on the equinox in the third week, which really isn't that far away.

I'm looking for signs, and not finding many. The 'seasonal' aisles at Lowe's were full of outdoor gardening supplies, and my Pinterest feed is starting to feature a lot more outside, spring, Easter and plant activities. But the view from my front window is still a scene of blues, whites and grays. I'm planning for spring in my imagination, and letting it wander to backyard pool parties, walking to the grocery store with my cart instead of driving, beginning to run again, taking the girls out to parks and being able to leave the house with just sunglasses, sunscreen, hats and sandals.

Until then, some gross pictures of my unrefined family sticking French beans up their noses at dinner yesterday.

Just for good measure, my green smoothie recipe. I've been drinking this since we moved into our new home back in November. The almost-daily input of bright green goop to my system really helps me feel more awake, energetic and healthy. Like coffee, but for hippies.

- One banana
- Two handfuls of spinach (you can't taste it I SWEAR)
- One scoop vanilla whey protein powder
- Three ice cubes
- One cup of milk
- Two tablespoons (ish) of peanut butter
- One tablespoon of flax seeds
- A small scoop of plain greek yogurt

Put it all in the blender and hit go! It's protein-heavy, so it makes for a good breakfast to drink down really fast while we all do the crazy morning dance of get dressed, brush teeth, feed kids and baby and dog and cat, pack lunch, change diapers, apply under eye concealer.

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  1. mmmm.... the smoothy recipe looks good! I will have to give that a try.

    And I love your unrefined family. :)


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