Sunday, January 26, 2014

Sunday Morning

"Sunday morning, praise the dawning. It's just a restless feeling by my side." -Velvet Underground
I don't know if it's some kind off voodoo magic in the air, or the calm before a storm, but this morning was idyllic: we all slept in a bit, (I got a solid nine-hour sleep!), had a slow, lazy breakfast, watched Bambi without any fighting/crying/injuries, baked muffins, gave Summer her first food (a carrot to gum), drew a little, read a bit and danced with my Dad, who came for a visit. I know, right? And then all the pictures I took turned out!


Now I'm literally laughing out loud watching last night's SNL, (Leo! Russian lady on Weekend update! the dinner party sketch! Bastille was amazing!), all the kids are napping, Rich should be home from work soon and then we're going to my mom's for dinner. Best Sunday in a long time! Sorry for the shameless brag/happiness post, but hey-- when days like these come along, I've gotta record them for posterity. Just the other day my Facebook status read, "Mama said there'd be days like this," because it was a real doozy. I'll take today as kick back.

I'll put together a special post just for Summer to mark her half-birthday (she is six months old today!) in the next couple of days. I can't wait to take a few pictures of her as she is now, and hopefully add one to our family photo wall along the staircase.

This hair!

Muffins are best eaten fresh, aren't they? With that said, Imma gonna go brew me some chai and eat one of our honey muffins, as made by my pastry chef, Abby. 

Best day ever!


  1. The last photo of Abby blows my mind. When did she grow up to that?

    Hurray for a wonderful day!

  2. Yes, I had to take a double take at the last pic of Abby. Wow, is she ever beautiful :)
    Yay for the good days, and yes for recording it. Its worth celebrating xoxo


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