Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Six months a lady

Since I have four kids, I can call our 'six month photo shoot' a tradition. Each girl has been splayed on a blanket on her half-birthday, in front of a window for nice lighting, and made to model her unique features for her lifelong memory bank. I enjoy writing a compendium of their tastes, interests and personalities at six months, because things really seem to blossom from there. No longer are they passive babies; they begin to branch out from their place on the quilt and scramble towards objects, pets, and dust bunnies to discover and learn about their surrounding world. 

(See Abby's here and Hailey and Robin's here)

Summer is my funny baby. She has been since, well, her 'immaculate' conception and funny peace-sign ultrasound. She makes hilarious faces, and waits until all eyes are on her before erupting into a series of fast kicks and baby gurgles. The only times I've known her to be upset are when she is hungry, when she has been left alone (and can hear what she's missing in the other room), or when she is sitting in a soiled diaper. She loves to eat, and I happily oblige. In fact, last night at dinner, she became visibly angry to be watching us eat: red face, balled fists, mouth growling like a baby bobcat. I stirred up a bowl of brown rice cereal and she couldn't get enough of it. First meal: happily accepted.

Summer is in incredibly happy girl. She is very laid-back, but she can't wait to get out on the scene.  She loves her sisters and is loved right back. She has an especially strong bond with Abby. Summer sleeps terribly, by comparison with her sisters, but she's slowly learning. She loves going out for walks, but not in the cold (true to her name). She smiles at everyone, but saves a very special one for me when I come into her nursery to start our day. 

I can already tell that she is parented different, as the baby of the family. I am laid-back as a fourth-timer, but I am also really stretching her phases out, knowing she is the last baby. I didn't want to start giving her solid food, because then there's no turning back. Summer gets what Summer wants, and I am happy to help her explore the world of food. I am not part of any mommy groups for her age, and don't go out of my way to find other moms with kids her age. I don't need to, as I have a great circle of friends (parents and not) to support me on my journey. Summer has more than enough little people running around her world to keep her entertained, as she learns the tricks of the trade.

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