Monday, January 20, 2014

My Cherie Amour

Nothing extraordinary happened yesterday. It didn't warrant the filling in of any slot in her baby book's pages, or of documentation for posterity. But then, I thought, maybe it did. 

Summer will turn six months old soon. She will do that thing where she suddenly manifests into a whole 'nother baby who scoots and sits and eats and learns. She is starting to hit fast-forward and lurch me careening past a whole bunch of baby 'lasts' that I am really wanting to hold to before they are gone forever. So maybe I do need to write this down.

Let me backtrack. When I was expecting Abby, I organized and washed piles of baby clothes. I stacked diapers. I placed jars of diaper cream and bath wash into small wicker baskets and imagined. I dreamed, I wondered about this baby that was to come. I was about embark on a journey unknown to me. I spent entire afternoons wondering what changing my own baby's diapers would be like, what her skin would feel like, what first food I'd serve.

Now, I find myself at the other end of that parabola. I am packing away baby clothes, not for another day, but for another family. I am finishing my last ever box of size 2 diapers. I am nursing my last baby to sleep at night and wondering how much longer we will have this bond. How many more nights do I get to run my hand over my baby's downy head, memorizing the little hollow at the base of her skull? I have the answers to so many of the questions that perplexed me in my first pregnancy, and I have a kind smile to offer that nervous, eager mother-to-be.

I am not sad that this season is closing, at least not in the regrettable sense. This feels right. I guess I am appreciating the miracle of it all: the raw power and pure love that accompany a newborn baby.
I will never experience it again. I just need to take a minute and feel that.

We do have some exciting firsts going on, though. My first baby is learning how to read. She can read Green Eggs and Ham, front to back, all by herself. She uses rhyming to recognize word sounds, looks at the picture for clues, uses the repetition to remember sight words, and sounds out the others slowly. It is, in a word, amazing to see her learn this skill. She is such a knowledge-hungry student, and I am so delighted to see her being fed. She is reading, and writing, and loving the wonderful world of words. 


  1. wow- two babes, growing learning to scoot about and discovering her world, the other learning big skills (reading!)... I'm glad you captured these two milestones.

  2. What a sweet post. I'm glad it feels right. I'm always worried I'll never feel "done" hahaha.


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