Friday, January 10, 2014


Sorry guys, I'm just going to start this one off with a selfie. The term is overused and probably makes me the exact opposite of a hipster, but this is me last night, after a sweet yin yoga sesh in front of the fireplace. I practiced by the back windows, in the hopes that in a downward dog or trikonasana I'd catch a glimpse of the promised aurora borealis show, but no deal. Dancing green mysticism in Ottawa skies was a promise too good to be true.

Instead of engaging in narcissism, what I should have done was packed in it and hit the hay. This one had it in for me last night:

I re-read some Pamela Druckerman this morning, so I am now prepared to ask, in a most civilized fashion, that Summer please start sleeping at night, because I need my rest to ensure I don't go "nucking futs," (pardon my French). 

Rich is back to work, which means a few things: I am stepping up my organization systems to help ensure smooth-running mealtimes. I am on my own until after all the kids are asleep, when I am granted a brief repose from their demands. I am letting the chips fall where they may, because I am doing my best and that's all I've got in my reserve tank of motherhood. I am trying to cease all yelling because, really, it has become ineffective around here anyway and who wants to listen to that? Creative discipline is the new mantra.

I am finding Zen in new, quiet places. Simple joys, small pleasures, whatever you want to call it. In those brief moments when Abby's in school and the younger three are napping simultaneously, I will gladly accept all calm scenes and soak them in. That's how patience works, right? Store up some beauty and peace now and use it later? I hope so!

Oh! I forgot to tell you! Summer was baptized over Christmas while visiting family was still in town. It was a lively, busy occasion, but it was so special to celebrate with such a great priest (Fr Emeka, visiting from Niegeria. He loves kids!), and host a reception in our own home. Once again, Sumer wore the gown and slip her sisters wore, as well as myself and my siblings. It's such a special garment.

Alright, duty calls. Back to parenting.

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