Sunday, January 5, 2014

Holiday Break

It is the end of our family's first Christmas break, as far as school calendars go. I started it eager to have my oldest girl back under my care 24/7, which may have me sounding like a neurotic helicopter parent, I know. But really, I was just happy to have Abby home. I miss her when she's at school, even after three months. The break's high-strung festivities, the breaks in routine, the super cold snap that kept us indoors, the holiday sicknesses that plagued our household and the extra treats have left us all feeling a little like this:

Tomorrow we'll wake up to whomever's murmurs and sighs come first, usually Summer's. We'll have to hurry through breakfast and move onto dressing a little faster than we have the last couple of weeks. One of us will get bundled up with Abby to walk to school. Our routine will begin again as chinks in the chain are replaced and lubricated.

I've loved this time with my girls, unhurried, without obligation. It has allowed me to follow their lead and see what they fancy. I've seen them all grow so quickly, especially in sharing their days with their sisters. Hailey and Robin have each had a word explosion and are able to chatter away happily now. They've learned to jump, tidy up, draw pictures, wash themselves and put on their clothes with some help. Robin has a very favourite bunny and Hailey has her cat, and they take these animals with them everywhere. They teach them to dance, change their soiled bums, feed them, put them to bed and throw them gleefully down the stairwells. 

Sweet Summer, she has officially transitioned from blob baby to squirmy worm. She is no longer content to sit in her bouncy chair and watch the goings-on of her family. She wants to get down on her belly so she can crane her neck to follow the action, and begin pulling herself along. She has favourite toys to grab and mouth. She squeals delightedly at all hours of day and night, expressing her utter joy that she can even create such sounds. When I enter her nursery to collect her in the morning, she pushes herself up to look at me over her top crib rail, and smiles a wide toothless grin that nearly bursts her fat little face.

What's been most remarkable to me these last couple of weeks is how the girls have begun to play together. I have been patiently waiting for this since I first learned I was carrying twin girls. It really is rewarding to see Abby lead her little sisters through make believe play scenes. They follow along and gladly do anything she asks, they admire her so. She, in turn, enjoys bossing them around, especially as her own behaviour is being corrected throughout much of the day. They giggle and scream so loud, but oh, it is music to my ears.

My new favourite picture ever.

So, it is with a heavy heart I resign myself to a new school session beginning tomorrow. I know it is for the best, and Abby loves attending her school. She has learned to read and write, she has begun understanding math concepts and can count to almost 50. Rich returns to work this week as well, but I am looking forward to it for him; he needs his work. I count myself lucky that I will get to keep spending my days with 3/4 of my girls, woo hoo!


  1. LOVE the photos with all four of them!!

    I want to trade for a day. Or a week. I want girls. And you can have these two terrors. Deal? My teleporter is nearly functioning.

    1. Pffts 2 kids? I wouldn't even know what to do with the advantages of man-to-man defense! I'd probably get the boys to paint their toenails :)

  2. the 4 of them! so so so lovely to see a picture of them all together. They are all so beautiful, each in their own way and I miss them so much. Thanks for this little update on the Niman sisters... I needed it :) xox love you


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