Monday, December 16, 2013


The quieter you become, 
the more you can hear.

I am feeling especially introspective this December. We have achieved, as a family, a lot of what we set out to do this year: We have moved back to Ottawa, and into our own home. We have welcomed our fourth and final baby. Without the distraction of having something monumentally big to do, I am easily accepting this winter's call to be quiet and listen for what's next. Perhaps it is to learn to be more present, or find a new creative outlet. 

I am home a lot, and I like this insulation. My favourite people are here, and many others visit often. I am finding a bit more of myself. Summer is keeping me up all hours of the night, and in that dark, quiet space there is a peace I don't see in the daytime. I feel more motherly, more serene, more surrendered. 

Abby's school program is winding down, family have started arriving from all corners of the world, and more doors have been opened on the advent calendar. There is a quiet vibe of anticipation around here (underneath the usual kid noises, it's there!) and I am enjoying getting ready for Christmas. Our family is evolving in our understanding of what this means. There is less of an emphasis on Santa this year, chiefly because Abby is weirded out by him, and also because we enjoy the focus being on family, giving, good food and love. 

Who, me?

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