Saturday, November 23, 2013

Montreal Mama Getaway

This morning, everyone in the house slept in. This would normally be perfect on a Saturday morning, when it is still dark and there is frost on the windows. Today, however, I woke up and realized I had under an hour to eat and get ready, and so I zoomed into action: smoothie, makeup, diaper changes, straighten hair and then: Go! Go! Go! Out the door in a flurry. Why? Because it was mama's day off!

My mom picked us up (Summer came too. So it won't a total day off, but she is an easy traveller), and we hopped on a train to Montreal. The train is the way to travel to Montreal, dahling.

We walked around old Montreal, enjoying the old stone architecture and feeling a little like we were in a much older European city. We window shopped, blushed at the openly sexualized window displays of the French, ate at a lovely Italian restaurant, and enjoyed an afternoon without any need to rush around.


Elizabeth Gilbert (Liz, really, since we're on a first-name basis now) was in Montreal for a book-signing on her international tour to promote The Signature of All things, her newest fiction novel. I was sosososo excited when I learned of her Canadian stop that I booked a trip within minutes. Then, Rich had work travel come up and muck up my plans to go Friday. Boo. Sacre bleu! But then! She was to sign books the next day as well, yay! 

She loved Summer (naturally), signed my books, and we bantered about babies and patience and calm and Zen. I reminded her about the letter she wrote back to me last winter, and she REMEMBERED ME! See? We are friends now. (I may have to stretch my definition of friends, but this was so cool guys!)

I am so glad to have met her, shared a few thoughts and smiles, and while I may torture myself tonight with all of the many more interesting things I could have said in our short time together, I will fall asleep happily.


  1. Oh my! The exciting life of you as a southern dweller!! What a neat experience!

  2. I am so HAPPY you could meet with her in person. She gave a long interview on one of the most popular French speaking shows last night and she is AWmazing. I didn't read her book but did the see the movie with Julie Andrews and loved every single moment of it. Very happy you had a DAY OFF......and your little Summer is absolutely adorable!

  3. I can't get over how cute Summer is in these photos! SO ADORABLE


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